Notebook Design

Have you ever thought about paper in regards to your brand personality?

Because paper isn’t just paper. Paper has increased in emotional value since our lives have become so digitalised. It can either support and strengthen your brands’ values or undermine your brand image. 

I am here to translate your brands’ personality into paper form.

How does that work?

We start with a short (and mostly) virtual brand workshop in order to talk about the brand: looking at your values and overall brand personality and clarifying the goals of the project.

Within the next two weeks* I draft a first idea of the project and make a handmade dummy do that we can see if the product fits your brand. 

* provided the paper is in stock and delivered on time

Sustainable design site at the core of my work, because the impact of my work for future generations is of utmost importance to me. 

Did you know that 70% of the impact of a product is decided in the design stage?

Sustainable design means considering the impact of your product, how you can minimize its' ecological footprint and enlarge its' life cycle so as not to harm future generations.

At the same time sustainable design will lift your brand by entering the eco market, improve the quality of your product while providing an added value and appeal to a growing number of eco-conscious consumers.


I love fruitful cooperations and if you are interested in learning more, get in contact with me!


notebooks made from sustainable paper; Favini, Europapier;