About me

in love with paper is a small Viennese brand led by me, Miriam: hallo!

I love paper, questions & ideas and non-linear life courses.
As a social scientist I have studied a lot and worked for years in the non-profit world, living abroad for several years - in London, Vevey, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and Mbarara - before settling down in Vienna again.

After pondering the question “how do I want to live” for quite some time, I studied book design and founded my own company in love with paper.

At in love with paper we design our own notebooks made from recycled paper, we design corporate notebooks and sell sustainable stationary.

If you are interested in sustainable stationary and especially notebooks then you have come to the right place.
If you are a brand looking for an enthusiastic notebook designer with a focus on sustainability and detail: I am your woman!

I love what I do. Let me tell you why. 


My story is actually your story. 

It is about your power to change the world for the better. 

Everyone has an unlimited well of creative potential. 

Sometimes you just have to find your way in. 


Realizing your potential often starts with pen and paper. 

Your notebook might be your pot of ideas, your many happy futures, your imaginary adventures, your better half, your unwritten novels, your extended arm, your best friend, your secret-keeper, your scanner project map or your one-in-a-million-idea.

A world of possibility opens up with every new page.  

Take your time.

For love. Fun stuff. Good questions. Inventive ideas. 

The abundance of beauty. Nature. Creativity. 

Inspiration & personal growth. 

Spread your wings and reach your full potential. 

Curious and with an open mind.

The world is waiting for your ideas. 

We believe in you. 


At in love with paper we thrive on creativity, ideas and possibility.   

Our mission is to inspire sustainable paper choices. 

Our vision is that all stationary is made from sustainable resources. 

Because we want a future for our planet. 


We use recycled paper, produce in the EU and plant a tree for every product you buy and 5% of our profits go to environmental and social projects.


Hello friend, together we create our future.


in love with paper - a world of possibility