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A notebook is never just a notebook.

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What our customers say

A wonderful and beautifully made friendship book for adults: I love to read the nice and funny memories of my friends - such a personal, lasting present - one that you should give yourself and a must-have for any celebration with family and friends!

Daniela, gemeinsam voran, Austria

Ikigai or A good life is a regular companion for me. Four years ago I started a process of professional and personal change with the aim of inviting more of what defines me personally into my life. I had the book either on my bedside table or in my pocket. It's very pretty, handy, it feels good and it is lovingly designed - all things that I want more of in my life.

Christine, eis & quell, Vienna

Japanese wisdom in your pocket. I loved this book! It literally was a life changer in difficult times and I highly recommend it for anyone who thinks about his/her life choices. You can read, get insights, do fun exercises and direct your career or personal life in the direction you innately really want.

I also found it amazing for social work gatherings where instead of the formal intros you can use one of the samples from the book.

Highly recommended!

Mik Mironov, CEO at Rbl Labs, Amsterdam

Paper gets a whole new meaning through beautiful design and carefully selected materials. 

in love with paper is a crossover between inspirational content and esthetically pleasing design. You can clearly see Miriam's love and passion for paper. The notebooks are full of small details that make you happy.

I own the Ikigai book which not only is beautifully crafted but includes questions that help you reflect on your own strengths and passion in life. I have used this book by taking a moment to remind myself or discover what I love to do, what I am good at, and how I can use this in my daily life. 

I am also a happy owner of the Friendship book. I got it as a present and it is so much fun to read what your loved ones write about you. Being in the middle of the pandemic, I have revisited this book with a big smile, being reminded of all the funny and lovely friends I have. 

Daniel, Norway

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