Make your own Christmas cards with acrylic color: so much FUN

  • by Miriam Mlczoch

In this short video I will show you how to make your own Christmas cards with acrylic color. It is very easy and moving around the acrylics is just GREAT FUN. And very relaxing.

In the video I pulled off the masking tape when the color was still fresh, but I usually wait until it dried and then slowly peel it off, trying not to rip off the paper.

I tried different tapes and prefer painters tape since it removed without marks and it is broader = easier to keep the paint within the tree triangle.

Re-use the paper strips: they make for great gift tags! Let them dry and punch a whole in the strip, pull the ribbon through: ready!

You will need:

. paper for the cards 200g or more (if using less you risk that the cards ripple)

. paperstrip for moving the color

. painter's masking tape (or Washi tape / any other removable tape)

. acrylic colors . perforator for punching the gift tags


This is the material I used:

. card: Favini Crush Corn 250g ( a great upcycling paper made from residues from Italian spaghetti production)

. paperstrip: 250g Pergraphica Mysterious Blue

. Teflon folding bone



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